Greetings my fellow American Patriots, my name is John Dummett, Jr., a Conservative Constitutionalist from the great state of California. I will be running on the Republican ticket to become your 44th President of these great United States of America.

My mission statement is simple: I will restore this great land back to the Constitutional Republic as our forefathers intended. It is so beautifully simplistic, yet our country has been turned into a complicated liberal agenda whereby your rights and those of your children and their children are ever so subtlety being stripped away one by one. The current occupier of the White House has already engaged in First and Second Amendment usurpation, and has issued Executive Orders that directly contradict the will of the People which are setting the stage for the USA to become a Socialist nation. My fellow Americans, once the First and Second Amendments are withered away, the rest will fall like dominoes. Aren’t you tired of the same old clich├ęs uttered seamlessly and without cause by the career politicians in DC? Aren’t you weary that your voices are never heard? Washington DC has become the little engine that can’t.

There is such diversity between the two parties because we have a President that cannot and will not mediate between the aisles and demand a true work ethic based on our beloved Constitution. Instead, he has led the country into two parties, the haves and the have nots. He will seek to diminish Capitalism and the individual drive to seek the American Dream. No other country has people flooding into it from all nations longing to achieve their piece of the dream. As it stands now, our current President would prefer to allow the illegal immigrants to have their dream with none of the cost. Illegal immigration with American benefits with none of the hard work has become the order of the day.

As your President, I will demand this stops. Immigrants are welcome here provided they follow the legal path to citizenry, whereby they learn all about our history, our laws, learn our language and agree to commit themselves to becoming Americans. No more hyphenated citizenry. When asked, all of our people should say, “I am an American.” Period.

There are many wrongs that must be righted. Immigration, border security, ending the Federal Reserve, abolishing the IRS, stopping the NSA from spying on law abiding citizens, returning all aspects of the First and Second Amendments back to their purest form, ending voter fraud, repealing the Affordable Care Act, honoring our veterans and fixing the VA, just to name a few! It almost seems an insurmountable task. But it isn’t, my friends.

We plan on returning our nation back to the system of government as intended by our forefathers. A system that has worked and succeeded and prevailed for over 237 years isn’t insurmountable, it is the simple and correct thing to do and can be done by restoring hope to the American people.

Our hope is that we can truly be a United States, where there has been only doubt and uncertainty for a very long time; the hope that we will recover economically; the hope that we can be truly United States; the hope that the will of the people, by the people and for the people will be adhered to, once and for all. The hope that the career politicians will be forced to do the will of the people as intended. And the hope that a common man who loves his country has no agenda to bear other than this. True hope with no change to the Constitution, now isn’t that what we’ve all been seeking? Come join us along with your fellow Americans and let us work together to return the American dream to everyone. God bless you and may God continue to bless these great United States of America.

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